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Our Parish Tidbits – Excerpts from Fr. Cyril Bayer's Composition Book, August 19 and September 2, 1934 -- The Sisters return; movies in church basement . . .

Sunday, September 4, 2022/Categories: History

August 19, 1934
“It’s a cheerful sight to see the sisters back again. That means children, that the happy school days will soon begin once moor. Between now and next Sunday those children who are to begin school and those who come to our school from the district schools should be brought to one for registration.” P. 41

September 2, 1934
“This evening at 8 o’cl. We will have a moving picture show in our school basement, consisting of 2 parts. I. a Mickey Mouse film for the children and II. a 3 reel illustration of the life of St. Anthony of Padua. I saw pictures myself when last Sunday I was visiting Father Blaufuss in Topeka and I assure that they are the most beautiful films I have ever seen. This show will be presented by Father Sebastian who is a Franciscan Missionary of Brazil, S. A. Moor definitely from Bahia, one of the states of Brazil. Father Sebastian will speak to you this morning, right after the publications and this evening he will put on his show. As he is doing this in the interests of the S. A. missions, we ask an admission fee of 10¢ for school children, under school age free, and of 25¢ for the grown people. The committee men will please collect the admission fee, 2 at the foot of the stairs on the north side, and 2 at the east door.”  pp. 42-43



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